The Leader of Airport Transfers in Czech Republic

Car Service Company was established in 1990 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The Car Service provides a luxurious car fleet with drivers for very pretentious clients and VIP.

We offer professional, high level and completely descreet service for executivas and VIP (international guests, business people, politicians and entertainers).

Management of our firm is composed of people that made their experience during working as teh Personal Security Officers of the President of the Czech Republic. 

We also safeguard domestic and foreign politicians, important people from business and entertainment industry.

Executive protection - people involved in the actual security arrangements are very carefully selected and trained in the prevention of attack, kidnapping and other kinds of potentials threats to our clients. Their approach is professional and diplomatic guaranteed by regular physical training, situation awareness, strategy, psychology, communication and possible dealing with media.

Consulting - this service includes variety of counselling in the sphere of protection of people and property. This service is good for such extraordinary occasions as for e.g.weddings.

The Car Chauffeur Service and Limousine Service have at their disposal a whole range of cars: Lincoln, Mercedes, VW Passat, BMW 5 or 7 class, Skoda Superb, Minibuses and Buses for 24 to 74 passengers are also offered to groups.

We ensure a total service in area of security for executives and VIP's. 

Chauffeur and limousine services have been used by many VIP clientelle from all over the world, from State visiting and delegation of Foreign political representatives for Famous celebrities and sportsmen.


1994 - President of USA Bill Clinton, Mrs.Madeline Albraight

1995 - Royal Danish Embassy,Czech Olympic Team, Tom Cruise, Rolling Stones

1996 - IC Bank, Hong Kong trade Development Council, Singer Sting, Royal Thai Embassy, State of Virginia - European Delegation, President of India

1997 - Co-operation with the president's office of the Czech Republic during the star visits, Norwegian King, Romanian president, Pope John Paul II., Filipine's president, Sylvester Stallone, Japan Atomic Power Company, Shikoku Electric, Kansai Electric, Fepc

1998 - Arnold Schwarzenneger and Bruce Willis, Lockheed Martin International S.A., West McLaren Mercedes Formula 1, Louis Vuitton - opening new shop, Itochu Corporation, Embassy USA -Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Microsoft

1999 - American Expres, President of Chile, President of Panama, President of Germany, President of Taipei, Slovakian president, President of Macedonia, General Director of Reuters, David Coulthard - West McLaren Mercedes, President protocol of Argentina, President of Lithuania, President of Ireland, CEI Summit Economic Forum, Meeting of the Heads of Governments of the Members States of the CEI, Italian Embassy within the framework of CEI, Mika Hakkinen - West McLaren Mercedes, President of Switzerland, Former president of USA, Great Britain, France and USSR, Mega Show F1 - Eddie Jordan, Ian Phillips, Jarno Trulli, Giancarlo Fisichella, Andrea Ficarelli, Tetsuya Harada

2000 - Guy Salmon London, Reemtsma International - Securing the West McLaren Mercedes adrenalin team - Brno,Lithuania,Hamburg,Macedonia, Embassy of the Philippines, American Expres, Parliament of the Czech Republic - meeting of prime ministers in the Visegrad group, Administration of the Prague castle - The Estonian delegation, Embassy of the USA - Visiting of Minister of Foreign affairs-M. Albright, Club Formula 1, Volvo Auto Czech, Mayer Advertising - Microsoft, Société Générale, International Monetary Found/World Bank, Belgian King

2007 - Czech Summit – meeting of 16 Presidents in Brno

2008 - Visit of the French President Mr Nicolas Sarkozy

2009 - State visit of the President of The Republic of Turkey

2010 - Visit of the President of United States of America Barack Obama, State Visit of his Holiness pope Benedict XVI. To the Czech Republic, Visit of the President of Portuguese Republic

2011 - Visit of Russian President, Ensuring the State Funeral Ceremony of expresident Vaclav Havel - delegations from 33 countries, President of the Republic of Croatia, Visit of the Prime Minister of Poland, President of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister of Ukraine

2012 - Visit of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Visit of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Meeting of Presidents of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Croatia and Serbia, Visit of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2014 - Eastern Partnership-High level meeting on the 5th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership-delegations from 11 countries, Meeting of Presidents of Czech Republic,Poland,Germany and Hungary

And many other delegations and transportations for VIP.

The Leader of Airport Transfers
in Czech Republic